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Adult Diaper

An adult diaper is a reusable paper urinary incontinence product, one of the adult care products, and a disposable diaper mainly suitable for incontinent adults. The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption, which mainly depends on the amount of fluff pulp and polymer water-absorbing agent. The adult diaper can be used for people with medical conditions which cause them to experience urinary or fecal incontinence often require diapers or similar products. People who are bedridden or in wheelchairs, including those with bad bowel and bladder control, may also wear the adult diaper because they are unable to access the toilet independently.


Those with cognitive impairment, such as dementia, may require adult diapers because they may not recognize their need to reach a toilet. The adult diaper has one pocket, with a hook and loop. And the diaper is with magic tape—-easy to adjust the size. The adult diaper has two available colors: gray and white or custom colors. An adult diaper is suitable for elderly patients, mild incontinence of urination, mobility inconvenient people out, sitting to use.

Product Features:

The adult is very absorbent, each with varying capacities and sizes.
They are washable, reusable, breathable, waterproof and high-absorbent.
An adult diaper is high quality, can be used repeatedly after washing, economical and durable.
An adult can be reusable to use, super-absorbent and easy to wear. Professional side leakage prevention design, which is perfect for family, hospital and nursing home.

Product Parameters:

Outer of the adult diaper: waterproof pul fabric.
Inner of the adult diaper: super soft suede cloth.
Packaging: Each diaper in one polybag.
Insert: with one 4 layer microfiber insert
Two sizes: Small and Large
S size:waist range from: 65cm-110cm
L size:waist range from: 75cm-120cm

Application and After-Sales Service:

Gives the adult excellent comfort with excellent absorption functionality.

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