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Bamboo Charcoal Baby Diapers

Bamboo charcoal baby diapers are our most popular nappy. This product is made of waterproof PUL outer and bamboo charcoal inner which is soft breathable, reusable, washable and adjustable. The inner material of the diaper is bamboo charcoal which is 70% bamboo charcoal+30% polyester. And bamboo charcoal baby diapers have a square tab, pocket and double gussets. It can be used with the 4 layers bamboo charcoal insert, the 4 layers bamboo insert, microfiber insert and hemp cotton insert. We can custom the bamboo charcoal baby diapers prints, MOQ is 300pcs.


Product Features:

Reusable, washable, soft breathable, eco-friendly, easy wash, quick-dry, comfortable and flexible.

Product Parameters:

Hook and loop, size can be adjusted.
Double leaking gussets.
Choose appropriate urinal pads.

Application and After-Sales Service:

We welcome customization of prints, brand, style and packing, also providing professional pictures of your prints and quick sample service in 2 days.

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