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Newborn Diaper

The newborn diaper is soft to the touch, more comfortable to wear, more healthy, better water absorption. Newborn diaper contains more comfortable materials and fine workmanship. A newborn diaper has an extra row of buttons to fit the baby better. It absorbs more water than regular flannel and dries faster after washing. Easy to use, soft and breathable. The newborn diaper is very fashionable, why not get these reusable, washable, super absorbent and comfortable cloth diapers/diapers, also known as Modern Cloth Diapers or Pocket Diapers. For your baby, for the cost of purchasing disposable diapers, these reusable diapers and pads will give you longer.


Outer of the newborn diaper: Polyester, waterproof and breathable TPU. Mothers carry their babies when they walk or do housework. The lining of the newborn insert: Inside the suede cloth, leaving no moisture, moisture will be absorbed into the pad to keep the baby dry. Pillow: Each diaper comes with two 3-layer microfiber pads. The insert size is approximately 13.75 inches x 5.5 inches.

Product Features:

The newborn diaper is reusable and washable.
High quality, adjustable, reusable and waterproof.
Save money and be environmentally friendly.

Product Parameters:

Material:suede cloth inner and waterproof PUL outer
Size: The size can be adjusted, small, medium or large, fit for 6.6-33pounds newborn baby
Inserts: Inserts are made of super-absorbent microfibers.
A newborn diaper has an extra row of buttons to fit the baby better.

Application and After-Sales Service:

Washing temperature: below 30℃. (Less than 86 Fahrenheit)
(Note: Please clean diaper covers and pads alone, and do not clean diapers with other clothes. When cleaning the diaper, you can add a little salt to the water.

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