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Pods Wet Bag

Pods wet bag can be used to fit the nappies, it is reusable, washable and waterproof. Outer Pattern is 50pcs per print, also the inner fabric color can change by white to any of u want the solid color. Diaper pods are a cute new alternative to travel wet bags. Like wet bags, they are made from water-resistant PUL or TPU fabric. What makes them unique is their square, “pod” shape. Pods wet bag is only one pocket on current models, it is easier to find and pull out of the diaper bag.


Pods are great for clean diapers to keep them neat. Ideal for keeping your changing bag organized, giving to childcare and even storing your baby carrier. The uses are almost endless. The pod’s wet bag is the organizational dream for any cloth nappy user.

Product Features:

Dual-layered PUL: waterproof and washable and reusable pods wet bag
Larger than normal pods (26x 17x 16cm) – to fit 10 normal-sized nappies, 8 large-sized nappies or 6 extra large-sized nappies!
Versatile- featuring two handles at the top and one at the side.
A separate zipped compartment at the front for storing smaller items such as wipes
Machine washable

Product Parameters:

Size:26*17*16cm or custom size
MOQ:300pcs,50pcs one design
Snap:normal is white snap,can do colorful snap

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application: As it’s a structured wet bag it makes storing and seeing what’s in there so much easier. Ever struggled to fish around inside a wet bag looking for something? Pods wet bag solve that issue.

After-Sales Service: If any quality problem, please let us know.



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