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Why Choose Cloth Diapers?


Cloth diapers are diapers that you don’t throw away. They are designed to be reused again and again and are made of super soft fabric rather than plastic which can be found in single-use diapers. Cloth diapers might be called different things such as ‘reusable diapers’ or’washable diapers’ but it all means the same thing! You definitely need diapers, but which kind you choose–cloth, disposable or a combination of both is a personal choice. More and more parents are choosing to use cloth diapers for their babies. Our diapers feel better: better for bums, your pocket and our planet too. Our products are free from nasty, can save you money, are planet friendly and they look super cute too!

Advantages of cloth diapers include:

They’re reusable and eco-friendly.

Cost savings can add up, especially if you use them on multiple children.

They don’t contain chemicals that could irritate babies’ sensitive skin.

Using cloth diapers doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. Many cloth-diapering families switch to disposables for outings, when grandparents are babysitting or for overnight wear.

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